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Wear Protection, Conveyance & Ore Separation specialists

Losugen, a group company of the global Tega Industries Limited, is a Perth-based engineering company that specialises in the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and wear and tear monitoring of heavy-duty equipment and products in the mining and materials handling industries.

We design, manufacture, service and monitor:
• Wear liners including rubber liners and ceramic liners
• Rubber lining
• Mill lining
• Trommel panels
• Panels for Vibrating screens
• Ceramic lining
• Conveyer components
• Filter Diaphragm products

We produce, service and export products being used in mining projects and materials handling industries across the globe. Our rubber lining brands such as Aggression®, D-MAC® (ceramics) and Tornado (screen and mill linings) are widely-used in Australia, South East Asia and Papua New Guinea.

Losugen has a solid reputation for providing customised solutions, quality long-wearing products and quick turn-around times from order through to installation. In short, we’re a one-stop shop that can cover everything from the design and manufacture, to the supply and installation of industry-relevant products, with the ability to implement custom wear solutions for clients with unique requirements.

Product Range

Losugen is Australia’s industry-leader in wear resistance solutions, combining technology and industry experience, including a database of 1000s of applications, to manufacture wear protection, separation and conveyor belt components and products. With a mission of distinguishing ourselves as a provider of lasting solutions to the complex problems of material handling, wear and separation of ores found in the mining and mineral processing industries, we manufacture and stock a wide range of premium-quality, trusted products that are already in use throughout Australia and globally.

Wear Protection:

D-MAC® (Ceramic Wear Liners)


The Trommel Shop®
Tornado Screen Panels
Greendog® Filters

Material Transfer/Conveyance:

Conveyor Components


Water Jet Cutting Perth

Make use of fine abrasive jets at ultra-high pressure to cut and shape a wide range of products – even if they’re temperature sensitive.

Mining Fabrication

Usually combined with our wear protection systems, we implement a variety of fabrication products including tanks, trommels and chutes.

Custom Design

With client applications that are unique for each project, Losugen offers custom design and manufacturing of wear liners and protection systems to ensure that equipment performs at its full potential at all times, also allowing for an increased lifespan of components.


From site audit and application analysis, to repairs and replacement, and wear monitoring and product supply, Losugen has extensive experience with installation for various application purposes.

Rubber Lining Services in Australia

We cover all your potential rubber lining needs, with experience in the stripping of old systems and repairing worn and damaged steelwork. Whether you need some routine fix-ups or a brand new installation, we have the workforce and expertise to make it happen.

Make Losugen your first choice for wear protection, separation & conveyance products.

Contact us today to find out more about our products and services, or call (08) 9414 7922 to discuss a custom solution for your industry. All our staff are friendly and hold specialist knowledge about the varying engineering solutions that you may require. If you’re in or around Jandakot, feel free to make an appointment to visit us on-site at Unit 2, 26 Biscayne Way, WA.

Custom Solutions

Find Custom Wear Solutions at Losugen

Losugen specialises in producing custom designed products and solutions for mining and mineral handling industries Australia-wide. Products are individually designed and custom manufactured to provide the optimal performance and longevity for client applications.

All our products are developed to the highest safety and durability standards and are backed up with fast delivery and friendly service.


Contact us today to get your own customised wear solution and Losugen’s committed service and support. Call us on (08) 9414 7922 to detail your requirements.


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Designed to last

Losugen – Dedicated to Quality Innovation

Perth-based engineering company, Losugen has been producing wear protection systems since 2002.

In response to market demand for high quality, durable and cost effective wear management solutions, Losugen has developed wear protection systems and innovative manufacturing techniques for the mining and resources industries.

Losugen specialises in design, manufacture, installation, wear monitoring and maintenance of wear protection systems. These systems include chute liners and panels, cyclone and mill feed chute liners and abrasion resistant wear liners, ceramic liners, trommels and filters.

Rubber liners used in the manufacture of wear protection systems, such as in chute liners, can be customised to any industry application or off-the-shelf products; moulded and cut to size.

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Solutions through Innovation

Losugen carries out fabrication of products such as tanks, sumps, trommels and chutes. This work is usually performed in conjunction with installation of our wear protection systems.

Consider the benefits

Losugen has a wide range of customisable engineered products and provides services Australia-wide. Choose Losugen for:

  • Our quality range of products
  • Engineered custom wear protection systems and parts
  • Extended product life through correct application
  • Experienced installation and service crews
  • Quick response time, 24 hour operation if required
  • Solutions through innovation, especially for screens and custom chute liners

Contact us today to find out more about our products and services or call (08) 9414 7922 to get a quote.